We hire, operate & manage your global remote team.

Access top talent

  • Best-in-class

    We recruit highly skilled talent worldwide and pair them with top companies like yours.

  • Digital-First Skills

    Every single applicant is technically capable and ready for a digital-first business environment.

  • HKR Layer

    We add a layer of managers and HR to guide them in their career path alongside your own managers, so they perform at peak levels.

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Sergiu Poenaru

Keep your culture

  • Embedded 1:1

    What’s different about HKR is that we fully embed talent on your team like any other hire. They will only work on your business only. They live and breathe your company culture, attend company rituals, and train with the same resources as your US-based hires.

  • Committed To Your Mission

    HKR Talent are just like your employees. They join your Slack. They wear the company swag. And they’re motivated to see your mission come true.

  • Pick Your Top Choice

    You can join the interview process to decide if your talent is a great fit. We filter out 98% of applicants to save your time and help you decide fast.

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Andreea Poenaru

Protect your bottom line

  • One Monthly Subscription

    The subscription covers everything. Salary, benefits, recruiting, HR, compliance, legal, payroll, office, and equipment. All you see is great talent at one monthly subscription fee.

  • No lock-ins

    We're so confident you'll love working with us that we have removed any lock-ins. No long-term contracts, no complicated legal clauses. Give us an honest 30-day heads-up and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Low Turnover

    Our talent typically stays embedded for years, in fact, we have talent insourced since HKR's inception date in 2016.

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HKR has a way of bringing in talent that has been a value-add…. [they’re] dedicated to providing good service by looking at the metrics and they do not hesitate to take feedback, adjust, and improve. It is rare to find vendors that are data-oriented and constantly pushing to improve.

Truly excellent team, service and overall partner.

"HKR performs at or above our NYC based staff in the same roles while saving our business close to $2M a year in payroll costs."

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We help US-based companies by doubling their team but putting half in Romania

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Adam Schwartz

Adam Schwartz
CEO, TeePublic

“HKR performs at or above our NYC based staff in the same roles while saving our business close to $2M a year in payroll costs.”