Simplify Global HR.

We source & screen worldwide talent, hire them on your behalf, consolidate payroll & compliance, and provide stellar onboarding support.
All you see is one fixed monthly invoice.

100+ PEOPLE for TeePublic (CASE STUDY)

Andreea Poenaru
Paula Columbu
Sergiu Poenaru
Iulia Fica

"HKR performs at or above our NYC based staff in the same roles while saving our business close to $2M a year in payroll costs."

"[...] I was initially hesitant about outsourcing the role of an SDR [...] But HKR completely exceeded my expectations. I appreciate their flexibility, allowing me to start with just one full-time representative and no contract lock-ins. We're at 3 full-time reps now and looking to expand with other roles as well."

"Truly excellent team, service and overall partner."

"HKR has a way of bringing in talent that has been a value-add…. [they’re] dedicated to providing good service by looking at the metrics and they do not hesitate to take feedback, adjust, and improve. It is rare to find vendors that are data-oriented and constantly pushing to improve."


Here are some roles that we’re best-in-class at sourcing, screening, hiring, and co-managing them with you.

  • Customer Experience

    Excellent English, wrinkle-free customer service, and conversations that flow better than a Tupac verse

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  • Digital Operations

    Image editing, SKU merchandising and inventory tracking is the least fun part of running an eCommerce business. We’re a little weird, and we love it. For Shopify, Amazon, or any eCommerce business under the sun.

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  • Sales development

    BDR, AM, SDR, SDA, ASMR - wait what? - it has so many names. We just call it what it is: Sales!

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Team meeting

Enabling global remote teams before #remote was even cool.

  • Scale Globally

    You've probably gone remote, now go global. HKR can hire best-in-class talent in more than 150+ countries.

  • Dedicated Teams 1:1

    We build dedicated remote teams. They live in your Slack and your Google Workspace. Probably wear the same company t-shirt too.

  • Vetted By You

    We work with you to find the right people, and make sure they're a fit. You get to vet your talent and ensure the match is right.

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Adam Schwartz
CEO, TeePublic

“HKR performs at or above our NYC based staff in the same roles while saving our business close to $2M a year in payroll costs.”