TeePublic Merch & Affiliate Marketing Success Story

TeePublic started working with an affiliate/merch rep from HKR in 2016 and noticed a perfect cultural fit and overall performance better than a lot of the US reps.

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TeePublic is a custom apparel and design platform owned by Redbubble. The company, founded by Adam Schwartz and Josh Abramson, offers a wide range of unique designs and merchandise created by independent artists. TeePublic is an established platform for merch providing merch for successful podcasts and content creators like How Did This Get Made, Rusty Quill or The Manii Show.


TeePublic wanted to have a great team to support their merch initiatives. A team that understands outreach (SMB sales) as well as Account Management. They also wanted to save on payroll but maintain a very high quality of work.


TeePublic hired through HKR reps with excellent English (almost native), amazing skills, and a great commitment to excellence and improvement. When Elliott (Director of Merch at TeePublic) joined TeePublic in 2020 she already had a mix of US and HKR employees and could not tell the difference between them in terms of performance, quality of work, or cultural fit.

The true value of HKR is really the willingness and the want to integrate completely within a company's culture process, all of that. So it's really not a contractor-type relationship and vibe, but more of a true employee relationship which has been great.

Elliott Harrell
Director of Merch & Affiliate, TeePublic

Apps and tech used: Share-a-Sale, Impact Radius, Salesforce, Marketo, Yesware, Slack, Asana


TeePublic has relied on HKR for affiliate and merch growth for over 7 years and now the merch team is fully powered by HKR reps. They saved more than 30% in costs while having great performance and results. HKR reps have had a massive impact on TeePublic Mech program from the start generating over 7 figures in revenue/month in peak season and building relationships with content creators like The Awkward Yeti, Brave Dave, Maintenance Phase or Old Gods of Appalachia. Because of the success the first hire was bringing, TeePublic started hiring CS reps through HKR, grew the CS team to 100+ reps and saved over 30% in payroll.

Once people start to use HKR will continue to use. Some people may consider this as a short-term option while the economic conditions are what they are right now. But I would bet that people would surprise themselves and continue the relationship based on the results and the success that they see.

Roles hired for TeePublic

Customer Service Associates: Handling chat, chargebacks, disputes, production tasks, responding to customer reviews, voicemails, returns, B2B orders and social media.

Content Moderators: Ensuring user-generated content uploaded to TeePublic's platform adheres to guidelines.

Account Managers: Managing relationships with content creators and affiliates.

Recruiter: Sourcing and screening candidates for open roles.

Lead Generation: Scraping leads based on client requirements (e.g., TikTok content creators from the US with over 20k following).

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Adam Schwartz
Co-Founder, Teepublic

"We built TeePublic from idea to 9 figures in revenue without venture money and we did it profitably for 10 years straight. Our secret weapon in scaling and reducing costs: HKR."