TeePublic Customer Support Success Story

TeePublic saves 30% in Payroll while growing the Customer Success team to 100+ headcount and 99% QA Score.

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TeePublic is a custom apparel and design platform owned by Redbubble. The company, founded by Adam Schwartz and Josh Abramson, offers a wide range of unique designs and merchandise created by independent artists. They have a strong focus on providing excellent customer service.


TeePublic wanted to scale their customer service department while maintaining the high quality of service their customers and partners expect. They needed a reliable partner who could help them achieve this growth and effectively manage a large remote team. They has issues in recruiting, onboarding and training new hires. They have tried outsourcing through other companies but were very disappointed by the lack of cultural fit, churn and overall performance.


HKR began its partnership with TeePublic in 2016 by providing an employee to scale their affiliate marketing program. As TeePublic's needs grew, HKR expanded its services to include an account manager for the affiliate program and eventually built their entire customer service department.

By Q4 2022, HKR had over 100 customer service representatives working for TeePublic. In addition, the affiliate program grew to four employees by 2023. HKR also provided content moderators, recruiters, and lead generation services, as well as support for an AI project.

“I  don't know how we could have scaled without HKR. We were about 10 people when we started working together. This last holiday season, we had a total team of 122 people.  We were not in a position in the United States to scale anything close to that.”

Lisa Herring
CS Manager, TeePublic


97% CSAT, <2% attrition rate, <14 days time to hire, +85 reps in <2 months, multiple languages (German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian,Korean) or handling even legal , payment or escalated tickets - just to name a few!

HKR's expertise in recruiting, operating, and managing remote teams in Europe for US-based companies allowed TeePublic to scale their operations while maintaining the high standards their customers expect.

“People at HKR can do an astonishing amount of tickets. Sometimes we look at the numbers and we're like, how did this person do this much and have an 99% QA score. The work ethic is really impressive.

When we were starting, we were expecting people to do the bare minimum.That was not the experience performance wise with HKR. From day one it was like: "how can we do great?”

Romania talent pool is the sweet spot between maintaining a low budget and getting the same performance as a US hire. The long-term partnership between HKR and TeePublic demonstrates the effectiveness of HKR's Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) model and their commitment to delivering high-quality remote talent.

Roles hired for TeePublic

Customer Service Associates: Handling chat, chargebacks, disputes, production tasks, responding to customer reviews, voicemails, returns, B2B orders and social media.

Content Moderators: Ensuring user-generated content uploaded to TeePublic's platform adheres to guidelines.

Account Managers: Managing relationships with content creators and affiliates.

Recruiter: Sourcing and screening candidates for open roles.

Lead Generation: Scraping leads based on client requirements (e.g., TikTok content creators from the US with over 20k following).

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Adam Schwartz
Co-Founder, TeePublic

"We built TeePublic from idea to 9 figures in revenue without venture money and we did it profitably for 10 years straight. Our secret weapon in scaling and reducing costs: HKR."