Stationhead - Scaling Success in the Fast Paced Music Industry

With over 12 million users worldwide, Stationhead needed a solution to scale its high-volume outreach and meet escalating customer service demands. HKR was a game-changer. The collaboration saw immediate results thanks to HKR's skilled representatives. Stationhead's growth is remarkable and they rest assured knowing that HKR's diverse talent pool and quality support are ready for its evolving needs.

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About Stationhead

Stationhead, a social music streaming platform that connects artists and super fans, has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years. With over 12 million users in over 150 countries and hosting releases from global music icons like Jungkook of BTS, Olivia Rodrigo, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and many more, Stationhead has become an essential tool for promoting music. As the platform expanded, it faced the challenge of managing high-volume outreach, customer service, and rapid growth in a fully remote environment. This case study explores how Stationhead partnered with HKR to address these challenges and drive continued success.


High-Volume Outreach: Stationhead needed to scale its outreach efforts to engage with artists and music labels worldwide. Handling this high volume of communication required dedicated support.

Customer Service Demands: As Stationhead grew, so did the demand for exceptional customer service. The platform needed to provide fast and efficient responses to user inquiries.

Rapid Growth: Managing recruitment and onboarding for new team members during rapid growth phases presented logistical challenges.

The HKR Solution

Stationhead hired its first HKR representative to assist with high-volume outreach. This collaboration was instrumental in fine-tuning outreach strategies and identifying the right audience for engagement. Corina, the HKR representative, played a pivotal role in guiding Stationhead's strategy.

As Stationhead continued to expand, the need for additional support grew. A second HKR representative was brought on board to manage both outbound and inbound communication.

Most recently, Stationhead hired a third HKR representative to help its customer service efforts in response to substantial growth.


The impact of HKR's involvement was felt immediately at Stationhead. Here are some key outcomes:

Performance Enhancement: The diligence, efficiency, and motivation of HKR representatives exceeded Stationhead's expectations. HKR's ability to consistently meet performance markers, make recommendations, and eagerly contribute to the work made a significant difference.

Administrative Relief: HKR took care of recruiting, onboarding, performance reviews, and milestone updates, freeing Stationhead's internal team from administrative burdens.

Diverse Talent Pool: HKR provided access to a diverse pool of candidates allowing Stationhead to select representatives with the skills and experiences that aligned with its requirements.

Seamless Integration: HKR representatives, Corina, Andreea, and Brianna, became integral members of the Stationhead team. They actively engaged with the tech-based team on Slack, shared insights, and participated in team discussions, bridging any time zone differences.

Cost Efficiency: HKR offered competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for a company like Stationhead. The value HKR brought, including ongoing support and management, was invaluable.

Retention and Quality: Stationhead's partnership with HKR resulted in loyal, motivated, and dedicated representatives. HKR's ability to handle challenging conversations and potential issues saved Stationhead valuable time.

Future Outlook

Stationhead remains fully committed to its partnership with HKR. The scalability, quality, and value that HKR brings to the table are crucial as Stationhead continues to grow and evolve. Having access to HKR's talent pool ensures that Stationhead can confidently hire the right people to meet its expanding needs.

Stationhead's confidence in HKR extends to investor relations as well. Knowing that HKR can efficiently manage sales development and customer success teams contributes to a positive outlook when raising capital.


Stationhead's collaboration with HKR has been instrumental in its journey from a growing music streaming platform to a global music promotion powerhouse. By leveraging HKR's recruitment, onboarding, and support services, Stationhead has not only met its scaling challenges but has also excelled in customer service and outreach.

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