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Customer Experience

We specialize in SaaS and eCommerce.
  • Clarity

    English is, after all, the language in which 'All the faith he had had had had no effect on the outcome.' is a perfectly acceptable sentence. Native clarity is our goal as much as grammatical prowess - our talent knows it best.

  • Digital-First Skills

    Every single applicant is technically capable and ready for a digital-first business environment.

  • No task too small

    Of course you can ask your HKR talent to give a hand with that FAQ database when the ticket volume is low, they are fulltime your Co.

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"HKR performs at or above our NYC based staff in the same roles while saving our business close to $2M a year in payroll costs."

Digital Operations

No API, no problem.
  • SKU Merchandising and Inventory Management

    Shopify, Amazon, and eCommerce are complex. You'll need all the help you can get to make sure those products always look sharp.

  • Graphic design

    Operational and tedious design tasks like ad creatives and on-site image retouching and editing.

  • Curation and queues

    Until AI can flawlessly execute on 100% new UGC, you'll need someone with a great eye and lots of patience to keep your user-generated content curated and quality as high as it gets.

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"HKR has a way of bringing in talent that has been a value-add…. [they’re] dedicated to providing good service by looking at the metrics and they do not hesitate to take feedback, adjust, and improve. It is rare to find vendors that are data-oriented and constantly pushing to improve."

Sales Development

Your voice. Amplified.
  • Influencer Outreach & Affiliate Talent On-Demand

    Skip the agency fluff — get a dedicated pro focused on your brand's influencer game.

    Custom-Fit Strategy.
    Our specialist dives into your brand to match you with micro-influencers or kickstart your affiliate program.

    From Outreach to Results.
    Whether it's snagging 5-star reviews or launching affiliate promos, we handle the heavy lifting while keeping you in the loop.

    In short, our dedicated talent becomes a natural extension of your brand, aiming for authentic engagement and real results.

  • SDR & Product demos

    Qualifying inbound customers and crushing the top of the sales funnel with cold outreach is our speciality. We can also tour customers on your product by keeping a fine balance between talking and listening.

    We put science into SDR with a fully data-driven funnel based approach.

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"Truly excellent team, service and overall partner."

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Adam Schwartz
CEO, TeePublic

“HKR performs at or above our NYC based staff in the same roles while saving our business close to $2M a year in payroll costs.”